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Praise for Zola Jumped In:
After her little brother is killed, a 15-year-old deaf girl turns to a gang, a neighborhood church, and pregnancy for a sense of belonging and purpose.  Ultimately, she is challenged to discover strength and hope within herself. Although Zola cannot actually speak, she narrates the otherwise silent film.  English and Spanish versions and captions.  Extras include a special focus on initiation scenes.  Versiones y subtítulos en inglés y español; enfoque en escenas de iniciación de iglesia y pandilla.  Some violence, including rape.  89 min.
Four award-winning short films for all ages about the transforming powers of ice cream (Soda Jerks), a surprising Thanksgiving dinner (Sisters O'Malley), a mysterious healer (Dogwoman & Magicman), and a harried businesswoman's unexpected vacation (Women's Room).
Three presidential candidates are mysteriously trapped in a room.  Who (or what) holds them captive?  How far will they go to free themselves and save their country?  Includes interviews with actors and producer.  Some violence.  37 min.